The Greater New Haven O.I.C

We are a non-profit organization with the aim of positively influencing the lives of the underemployed and unskilled people. Our organization has existed in the last 50 years assisting community development in transforming lives. We equip vulnerable groups in the community with 20th Century skills to attain social sustainability.


Our Mission

To enhance the development and growth of technical skills through the provision of quality education and training services among the underemployed and unskilled people in the community, regardless of their gender and background.



To equip vulnerable groups with necessary skills and expertise through training to become productive members of society and contribute to the growth of their community.

50  years  helping our community

OIC is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization preparing people for today’s workforce with quality life skills development, fundamental education, superior job skills training, and employment readiness services.Assessing education as one key factor into improving one’s life we have decided to take matters into our own hands.

Educate business owners

Education is the most important thing nowadays in the working system, but not everybody has the means and possibility to pursue it. Providing various training’s, teaching valuable skills in resume building, budgeting, and many other free classes we are shaping a better future.